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Think of a visualization video as a digital version of a vision board. Our videos combine inspirational full motion video, affirmations, subliminal messages, meditative audio and brainwave entrainment called binaural beats.

This powerful combination breaks through the walls of your subconscious mind and programs it with the outcomes you desire. Giving you the power to manifest using The Law Of Attraction.

Dear Friend,

My name is Ty Summers and the story I'm about to tell you is an all too familiar one. A perfect storm of unfortunate circumstances that I was finally able to escape, once I discovered a set of special tools that I'm going to share with you here today.

Just five years ago something happened that completely changed my life...

I was sitting in my apartment at the kitchen table shuffling through a mound of overdue bills, realizing that I was just weeks away from bankruptcy. My then-wife giving me that disappointed look that seemed to be permanently etched on her face. It was just what I wanted to come home to after spending the day working at a job I hated, catching flak from upper management about something that I didn't even do.

I prayed for a few more hours to tick by quickly so I could go to bed and forget it all, but quickly remembered that I hadn't slept through a full night in weeks because I was just a huge ball of stress.

I asked myself, "Is this really how my life has turned out?" I had such big dreams as a young man, and they are no longer in sight. It was a depressing realization.

I was living my life day to day, waiting for the next bad thing to happen to make my situation even worse. It eventually did, when my wife uttered the words "I want a divorce..." one evening right before some old friends of mine were supposed to come over.

Now, don't get me wrong, it wasn't exactly a happy marriage, and our mutual stress and financial situation only added fuel to a raging fire. However, it later turned out to be one of the BEST things to ever happen to me, and heres why...

Before my divorce was even finalized on paper I began a mission to change my life. I knew it could be done, I just needed the right tools to make it happen. So, I bought a few self-help books using my already taxed credit card. I even signed up for one of those weekend courses where a well known 'guru' claimed he could get people like me out this jam called life.

Well, needless to say, none of this worked and it only made me more frustrated with my situation.

But then it happened...a pivotal point in my life. A entrepreneur friend of mine who I only just reconnected with left a movie in my mailbox with a post it note attached that said "WATCH ME". That movie was "The Secret".

I had finally found the answer I was looking for, and it was something called The Law of Attraction.

I realized that I was holding myself back, my negative thoughts and emotions were manifesting themselves into negative situations. It was a vicious cycle that I had to break.

One of the core teachings of the Law of Attraction is to mentally imagine and picture in your head what you want your life to be, and to believe that you are already living in this ideal reality. When you align your subconscious and conscious mind with positive thoughts and desires you emit positive energy out into the universe, and become a magnet to attract positive circumstances back.

Well... that was easier said than done as I soon found out. I went to the local office supply store and bought myself a cork board, came home, and hung it on my wall. This was to be my "vision board", an inspirational collection of photos of what I wanted my life to be, that I could look at to help me visualize, as well as positive affirmations that I could repeat to myself to further reinforce my ideal reality.

This tool was supposed to allow me to manifest what I wanted into actual reality, but honestly something wasn't clicking. I just didn't "feel" and believe what was on this boring primitive board hanging on my wall.

A few weeks went by... nothing... then a few months... I got promoted (to a higher paying, but equally terrible job). "OK this isn't working." I thought to myself. I wanted to give up.

So like most people, I went online and started searching around for answers as to why this was working for so many others, but not for me. I found hundreds of other people in the same situation, they knew what they wanted but it was as if their mind was blocked, they couldn't visualize their ideal life. I did some more searching around and discovered a troubling statistic:

That's just wonderful... 80% of people have problems visualizing. So I guess those other 20% are the CEO's, professional sports players and movie stars that could easily see what they wanted until it manifested itself in real life.

"Where does this leave me?" I thought to myself. I wasn't ready to give up just yet. I forced myself to give it another go...

I considered if it was a problem with the medium itself. After all I found the act of staring at a bunch of pictures and phrases on my wall pretty tedious, if not boring. I needed to be immersed in these images, I needed my subconscious to wholeheartedly believe in what I was seeing and wanting.

The next step I took is a bit of a blur. I remember waking up one morning with a crazy "geek" idea. You see, in high school I was a bit of techie, I worked an internship one semester at the local TV station editing news clips, feature reels and sound bytes.

I hopped on my computer and started combining inspirational footage I found online that was most representative of what I wanted my life to be. It contained beautiful vistas from exotic travel destinations, videos of couples in happy relationships, quick shots of cars, cash and other luxury items. I overlaid text affirmations over top of the video clips, as well as added an appropriately themed audio clip from a meditation CD I had in my desk drawer.

I thought to myself, "This is pretty cool, I wonder what else I could do.". So I headed to the library and grabbed books on some topics that I thought were pretty far out at the time, including "Subliminal Messaging", "Brainwave Entrainment" and "Self Hypnosis".

I read these books cover to cover and I was floored. Here was scientific proof that things like subliminal messages, and audio frequencies called "binaural beats" could actually be used to reprogram your subconscious without you even knowing it!

I consulted an expert on brainwave entrainment who helped me put together my first audio mixes of binaural beats. These powerful brainwave frequencies would literally FORCE my mind to absorb what I was seeing and hearing in my video. Making my visualization sessions that much more effective.

My first "visualization video" as I eventually called it was almost done, I spent the next couple of days crafting carefully worded third person subliminal messages. I then laced these messages throughout my video in a way that they were barely seen, flashing on the screen for just a fraction of a second. The key being that even though you can't read them, they are picked up and processed by your subconscious mind.

It was finally done. All in all it took me almost a month to complete my video, it was about 10 minutes long but man did I pour my heart and soul into it. All those hours of research, reading, recording, editing were finally over, or so I thought.

I uploaded the video to my YouTube account, which allowed me to have access to it from work as well as home. I started watching it everyday, it became part of my morning routine. It wasn't work. It wasn't boring or tedious like my vision board was, it was actually kind of fun!

When I had time I watched it in the evening before bed. I figured putting my brain into the right mindset before I laid down to dream wasn't a bad idea.

A few days of this new routine went by. I wasn't expecting miracles, after all I had failed with using the Law of Attraction before. However, it wasn't long before I started noticing some incredible changes...

I would wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, positive, and even happy.

I started being more outgoing, and putting myself into positive social situations. It wasn't long until I noticed I was getting more attention than usual from the opposite sex.

I was perusing the local paper, one morning and came across an employment ad for my dream job. In a matter of a week I had booked an interview, impressed the heck out of them, and started working a few days later.

I was onto something here, there is no way that this is a coincidence. "Could it really be true? Could I be attracting these things just by watching my video regularly?".

Then, a few weeks later I experienced the big "Ah-Ha" moment. It's a day that changed my life, and one I will never forget...

I got to the office one day, happy as a clam because I had just picked up a new car that I have been drooling over since my divorce. I was ready to put in a good days work, but I was 20 minutes early (did I mention it was a fast car?). So, I decided to watch my visualization video before starting the workday since I had skipped my weekend sessions. I felt guilty about missing a few days of viewing my video, but things had been looking up, so I decided to take my new beautiful girlfriend (who's now my wife) out of town for a romantic getaway.

I logged into YouTube and... BAM. It hit me in the face like a ton of bricks. My video had over 100K views. That's ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND. Plus, I had almost 180 comments from people that had been watching my video over the last few weeks. Apparently I forgot to list it as a private video, and it was out there for the whole world to see!

The responses from people were astounding. I had people BEGGING for more videos, including wanting me to produce videos on specific topics. I even had people asking me to "name my price" to make them their own custom visualization video.

These people, who struggled with visualization just like me, were using my video to manifest changes in their own lives and were already seeing almost unbelievable results:

Growing their wealth
Stumbling onto new job opportunities or getting promoted
Experiencing a feeling of happiness and wellbeing
Rekindling old relationships or starting new ones
Feeling healthier and more energetic
Feeling more connected with the world and the people around them

It was a truly amazing feeling. Knowing that this wasn't just working for me, but hundreds, and potentially thousands of others as well.

At that moment I knew I had a new goal in life, and that was to share these newfound tools I have developed with people that needed it the most. People that were just like me. People like you...

I took a month long hiatus from work and literally spent days upon days at my computer, creating a vast collection of supercharged visualization videos.

I took the most common requests from my video comments, as well as personal e-mails I was sent and created videos in four main categories:

The result of my relentless journey to create the best visualization tools in the world is what you see before you, and it's called Abundant Mind.

This collection of high quality visualization videos will empower your subconscious mind and turn you into a magnet that will attract all of the things you desire in life.

The question is simple, if you want:

More money and greater wealth
The perfect relationship, with a loving partner (or fix an existing one)
Attract greater abundance into your life
A better job, and professional success
A greater sense of place in the world, with an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing
A slimmer, healthier body that can heal itself faster than ever
Overcome obstacles, depression, and addiction
Activate hidden special abilities to improve your life

The answer is Abundant Mind. An incredible collection of 12 high quality visualization videos as well as 12 MP3 audio tracks that you can listen when you don't have the videos available, such as in the car, or at the gym.

Forget about those boring and ineffective vision boards.
Forget about repeating affirmations over and over to yourself.
Forget about all of those things the 'gurus' have taught you that don't work.

In just 10 enjoyable minutes a day, you can reprogram yourself from the inside out to attract everything you want in life, and so much more. Within a short amount of time you will be putting the Law of Attraction to work for you, and have the ability to manifest what you once thought was only a distant dream.

Once you integrate Abundant Mind visualization videos into your life you won't look back. You can supercharge your ability to achieve the life that you desire, and deserve, faster than ever, once you have access to this incredible set of tools.

This isn't magic. This has nothing to do with religion or god. The technologies integrated in our visualization videos are scientifically proven to work and are backed by years of neuroscientific research.

Unlike some of the other movies available online, our visualizations feature five powerful elements that, when combined, train and program your mind with the positive intent, beliefs and emotions needed to turn your dreams into reality.

Each and every pre-made high definition visualization video uses motivating video footage (not boring still images), a meditative audio soundtrack, binaural beats of specific brainwave frequencies, positive affirmations and third person subliminal commands.

The concept behind these technologies is to re-train your brain and get rid of negative thoughts and emotions that are causing or contributing to your negative circumstances. When you have negative thoughts, they tend to be cyclical, it's a downward spiral of negative energy and emotion the more you dwell on them.

Individually, each one of these five elements is great, but together, they are a powerhouse. They condition your subconscious mind with positive thoughts, energy and emotions, pushing the negative ones out. The cycle of negative thoughts is broken and replaced with only positive ones, allowing you to take charge of your life and start attracting a new, positive reality at a truly incredible pace.

So, let me ask you...

Are you ready to start manifesting the life of your dreams?
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Our 10 minute long subliminal visualization videos gently reprogram your mind so you can attract the life that you really want, and deserve. In just three easy steps...

I have been where you are right now. Struggling to succeed, feeling trapped in a life I never thought I would be living. Looking for a way to change my circumstances. It all changed for me when I discovered this incredible set of mind programming technologies and integrated them into enjoyable and fun to watch subliminal visualization videos.

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Yours truly,

P.S. I'm incredibly excited to be on this journey with you. I remember what it was like when I felt trapped in a life I didn't want to be living. How alone I felt, how I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders.

When you discover how to put the Law of Attraction and visualization to work for you and finally escape to the life you deserve, it's like being born again. You are still YOU, but a better, wealthier, happier, healthier and more abundant version of your previous self.

All that I ask is that you just take the next step and click on that button above. Tens of thousands of people have already done just that, and are now living a life of abundance. Take action and click "Add To Cart", I promise that you are going to be blown away by what comes next.

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