Powerful Manifesting : SAMPLE PREVIEW VERSION

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When you have enough control over your mind to manifest your desires into reality, you’ll find that controlling the direction of your life becomes easier and easier. Motivation comes easily to you. Your personal development reaches places that are never even talked about in self help books. But what exactly does it mean, to “manifest”? It means that you are able to consciously or subconsciously arrange events, situations, or people in such a way as to have an outcome of your choosing appear. Or simply put, you can “make things happen”. When you can “manifest”, you can easily attract people and situations that you need. You can easily attract money. You can easily attract a companion. You can easily attract fun or business opportunities. You can do all of these things because your subconscious mind is open, listening to your desires, and working with you to arrange things to your liking. Perhaps your subconscious mind causes you to say the right thing at the right time, which leads to the right person liking you, which leads to a call about a business opportunity, which leads to more money. Do you see how it works? You program your subconscious mind, and it works for you…with you.

This video contains hundreds of SPOKEN SUBLIMINAL COMMANDS, including:

you possess all the power you need to manifest the life you desire
What you want from life manifests and is wonderful.
you know that the law of attraction is always working to fulfill your desires.
you can see all, do all, and be all.
you are now living up to your highest potential.
you desire what the universe desires for you. It manifests and you accept it with grace
you now choose to manifest your soul’s desires with joy, ease and abundance!
you manifest your desires with grace and ease.
you are rich in Mind and in Manifestation
you manifest wonderful things in your life
you live the life of your dreams.
your thoughts become things.
Everything good is coming to you easily and effortlessly.
you visualize what you want to be and act as if you are already what you visualize.
you nourish your newborn ideas by believing in it and by following the guidance that is given within you through your feelings, dreams and visions.
you clearly state your intentions and create an intense image of your desires, which draws these desires into your reality.
you focus on the things that you love and cause them to come into your life
The light of your blessed soul is projected outward into a manifestation of your own desires.
you are fully aware that the intensity of your intents and the power of your emotional energy determine the time that it takes for your desires to manifest to reality.
you maintain a raised consciousness and emotional mental & emotional harmony, which takes you to a vibrational level which manifests your desires.
you have the divine ability to manifest anything you need or want
your highest good is manifesting in your life right now.
you know that your emotions and attitudes are the force that activates your desires and brings them into manifestation.
Everything you desire comes to you now.
your thoughts create your world
you release your massive manifesting energy
…and hundreds more like this

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