Universal Clarity - MP3 Download

Everyone can use some peace and centering in their lives, and I know many of you enjoy having something playing in the background whether you’re actively meditating or carrying out other tasks.  So I created this 44 minute centering meditation track that I call “Universal Clarity Meditation”.  This track has no subliminal encoding, BUT it’s still a very powerful tool for achieving a state of meditation and clearing your mind so that you can focus on setting your own intentions and communicating with your subconscious…

This free MP3 download contains binaural beats which start you off in a heightened Alpha brainwave state (fully alert, awake, energized) and then gradually bring you down into a Theta brainwave state (meditation, dreams).  IF you stick with the track from start to finish, and focus on clearing your mind while listening, you WILL notice a change in your thinking, a kind of “shift”, almost immediately after.  Here’s what you do:


  1. Go to a quiet place where you will not be disturbed
  2. Put on headphones
  3. As the meditation track begins, allow your mind to clear, become blank like white paper
  4. If other thoughts pop up in your head, say “hello” to them then give them permission to leave
  5. Begin thinking about your intention, what you want as a goal, what you want to change about yourself
  6. Mentally picture yourself as you would appear if things were changed to your liking
  7. Hold that mental picture of yourself as long as you can and invite your subconscious to see it to
  8. Allow your subconscious to show you images and ideas of what you need to do
  9. Pay attention to ideas that suddenly appear in your head out of nowhere in the days following your meditation and take action on them

If you follow those instructions and actually USE this meditation track, you will be amazed at some of the results that follow.  This is actually a very powerful track that should be either for sale or as the background on one of the subliminal videos, but I know many of you will benefit from this.  So download it.  And USE IT.  If you let it sit in a file with other things you’ve downloaded years ago and don’t use, you’ll get zero results.  Trust me.  Use this.

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