Self Esteem Subliminal MP3 Download

I have a new subliminal video coming out soon – Self Esteem Booster.  While the video hasn’t been released yet (will be soon), I’ve decided to release the entire subliminal soundtrack to the video totally FREE!

This is the SAME soundtrack that will be in the FULL version of the Self Esteem Booster Subliminal video.  The soundtrack is an MP3, so it’s ready to be loaded onto your mobile device, iPad, iPhone, Android, whatever.

This subliminal audio track contains special binaural beat frequencies that will help you meditate and absorb the SPOKEN subliminal entrainment.  Some of the hundreds of spoken subliminal commands include:

  • By loving yourself, you allow others to love you as well.
  • Every day you appreciate yourself more and more.
  • Every day it becomes easier for you to love yourself.
  • Everyone you come into contact with appreciates you for the person you are.
  • Feeling appreciated is one of the top priorities in your life, and you practice this feeling every day.
  • You accept yourself for who you truly are, and give yourself permission to grow beyond this.
  • You acknowledge all you have accomplished and are proud of your achievements.
  • You add value to other people lives.
  • You are a beautiful person.
  • You are a good person just as You are.
  • You are a magnificent, radiant being.
  • You are a star in the making.
  • You are a talented human being and your skills are greatly appreciated.
  • You are a truly remarkable human being.
  • You are a unique and special individual, unlike any other on earth.
  • You are a unique individual and proud to be so.
  • You are a valuable human being.

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